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>> we appreciate your time. from all of u this new year's eve. tonight the countdown. one million people packing into the heart of new york city. the preparations, the behind of scenes, the famed ball atop times square, and the arctic air, temperatures plummeting faster than that ball. meteorologist ginger zee standing by in the crowd. narrow escape after a massive train explosion, an american town evacuated. tonight why there is new concern about what's being hauled on the tracks through your hometown. on alert after two terror attacks in russia, tonight what president putin is now saying, is his country ready as the american team prepares to head to the olympics. we remember the people we lost this year, the leading man, the face of glee, the patriarch of the sopranos. >> are you in the mafia?
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>> am i in the what? >> and the wife who put up with archie. ♪ those were the days good evening on this new year's eve and thanks for joining us and beginning your countdown right here with abc, diane at home counting down, too. tonight millions of americans ushering the new year while ushering the arctic cold, too. this is new york city's times square, the party already starting an estimated 1 million people with hats and glasses ready to welcome in the new year. this evening overlooking it all, the empire state building in new york with its own dazzling light display to mark the new year. to a different side of the season, duluth, minnesota, the
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wind chill making it feel like 40 below, the water warmer than the air above it. before heading out, so many clearing off the heavy snow. get ready, the first big storm of 2014 is already brewing. abc meteorologist ginger zee on the weather and the celebration tonight. she's live tonight in the middle of it all. she couldn't hide from us, not even in that crowd. ginger, happy new year and lead us off. >> reporter: thank you so much. happy new year to you. we're near our best friends. that's where it begins. this goes for 16 blocks. you can see back to back, front to front there are so many folks here and even though it's going to feel like 16 below in some places across the nation tonight we're all packed in and cozy. take a look. those "are you kidding me" temps and wind chills gripping everyone from wisconsin to illinois to maine tonight. >> zero to freezing in two seconds. >> reporter: look at this thermometer from minnesota. can you see that? that's 50 below zero! the frigid air blanketing
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hundreds of fresh wrecks on minnesota roads. and in chicago a barely there crowd bundled at the lincoln park zoo. and this family visiting from minnesota with a bit of perspective. >> this is summer breakdown here. it's a 50-degree difference between home and here. >> reporter: tonight ahead of the one million people packing into times square security is tight and thousands of nypd's finest will be on hand. the revellers checked for explosives and other dangerous devices. they're closing down the cross roads of the world starting on the 43rd and broadway and moving north and people arrive. then there is that brilliant crystal ball weighing almost 12,000 pounds and covered in almost 2700 waterford crystal try angs. shivering below, the folks who have to snuggle tight tonight to stay warm. >> how are you going to stay warm? >> jump around and dance if music comes on. >> reporter: it really won't be that bad. you can see right here the temperatures at midnight or at
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least the feels like, the wind chill in new york city in the teens but you see up there in green bay, 37 below is what it feels like when the ball drops, 31 below for minneapolis. it's dangerous cold in some places tonight. david. >> ginger only you can ring in the new year by warning us about the first storm of 2014. >> reporter: we're not going to start like a lamb. here comes that lion. let me show you the map. we have low pressure that's going to slide across, chicago is going to see snow tonight into tomorrow. significant snow from there through southeastern michigan and through the northeast as you see the off shore low thursday into friday for the northeast. snow totals are big for a lot of people. the first and second of january going to be messy. >> we'll be seeing a lot of you in the days to tomorrow. ginger zee, thank you. we move onto that massive train explosion in north dakota, firefighters battling the flames and frigid temperatures at the same time.
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p tonight we've learned families in that town are just now being allowed at home but with major questions over what that train was hauling. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: more than 24 hours later the massive fire is still smoldering near casselton, north dakota. the flames began after a grain train derailed. >> it rattled the house and the doors and the windows were shaking. >> reporter: with toxic dark plumes covering, authorities taking no chances, urging residents of the town of 2400 to get out. no casualties but this is the third explosion in the last six months involving trains carrying crude oil from in north dakota. in november a 90 car train derailed in alabama and a derailment in quebec last july killed 47 people. casselton's mayor believes the string of accidents raises many questions. >> with that much traffic it's not a matter of if but when.
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>> reporter: activists question the condition of the cars used to transport oil. >> we're using old and outdated and unsafe rail cars to move massive volumes of crude oil. >> reporter: that investigation could lead to changes in rail safety and changes in how north dakota crude oil is handled and transported. the good news, those evacuation orders have been lifted and the residents have been allowed to return home. next this evening to the emergency mission in the antarctic, three rescue attempts failing. they're now choppering in to try to air lift passengers to safety. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, a united front. the stranded passengers stomping on sea ice to the tune of that famous new year's song, auld lang syne. ♪ >> reporter: creating a makeshift helipad for rescue. >> by getting the team to stomp down on the snow and ice so the chinese helicopter from snow dragon can reach us when the weather improves. >> reporter: this after three
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ice breaking ships like this one couldn't shatter miles of that thick ice to reach the ship. watch in this time-lapse video as it tries and tries again. the latest rescue plan, most of the 74 onboard will be flown, in groups of 12, to a chinese ice breaker nearby. from there they will be carried by barge to the australian ice breaker at the edge of the sea ice. for now on this holiday -- >> we're just about to enter 2014. >> reporter: a message -- >> happy new year! >> reporter: if the helicopter mission fails, reports tonight that the strong american ice breaker, the polar star isn't too far. it could reach that ship in just ten days if it's needed. overseas this evening and to a new message from russian president vladimir putin after two terror attacks weeks before american athletes head to the winter games. is russia ready? abc's alex marquardt now. >> reporter: as the seconds tick down to the sochi games the
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promise they'll be the safest in history is seriously being questioned. two deadly attacks in two days have shaken that promise by president vladimir putin who had personally taken charge of the games and says he isn't taking any chances. tonight in his new year's address putin vowed to pursue terrorists until their total annihilation. after the suicide bombings that killed 34 security forces in volgograd arrested almost 90 people and searched 1500 buildings. but that has done little to ease the growing worry of some on team usa including the ceo and several athletes who have said they're concerned about the attacks just 38 days before the games. this is exactly the scenario that russia wanted to aidentify vo before sochi and despite the crackdowns russia knows all too well how the mayhem that can be brought by its determined enemies. next a glimmer in hope in
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the fight against alzheimer's. more than 5 million americans over the age of 65 are living with the disease. a new study showing vitamin e may hold a secret benefit for some of those patience. dr. richard besser back here with us tonight. there was some good news here. >> this is good news. researchers looked at older men who had mild to moderate alzheimer's who were already taking drugs like aricept. they gave some a high dose of vitamin e and others a sugar pill. they found that those who were given the vitamin e were able to take care of themselves, take a bath and get dressed for a longer period of time. >> what was it about vitamin e? >> they don't know for sure. take a look at this. it takes place inside the brain. there are chemicals called free rad kls which damage the brain tissue. vitamin e destroys those chemicals but there is a caution. it can have serious side affects, especially in people who have heart disease. it's only shown to be beneficial in people who already have
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alzheimer's so don't take it without your doctor. from your health tonight to the economy now and what a year it was if you were lucky enough to have retirement savings in the market. on the final day of trading for the year the dow closing up 72 points, an all-time high, the dow gaining 3500 points alone, the best year since 1995. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis returns to the baby boomers we followed here on "world news," have their 401(k)s now recovered? >> reporter: stocks closing out a banner year. we've kept in touch with you, debating what to do with those hard earned savings. >> that's about all we think about anymore. >> he wanted to pull everything out. i wanted to hope that it would come back. >> reporter: we met bill and kathy walters of illinois earlier this year, hoping to visit their grandchildren and travel on that nest egg. >> i retired in 2008 and my retirement crashed. >> reporter: earlier this year things started looking up. >> we can think about those places we would like to travel that are still on our bucket list.
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>> reporter: now tonight -- >> now that you have stayed the course how do you feel? >> we more than tripled. it's been very good, a great year. >> reporter: look at this. if you put $125,000 in a 401(k) at the start of the recession, you would have watched it fall sharply, all the way down to about $61,000. if you stuck with it the average 401(k) would be back and then some, tonight sitting at more than $167,000. we caught up with all of those families tonight. they're all seeing their savings come back, david, and then some. >> rebecca jarvis, a great new addition this year. >> thank you. great to be here. on this final day of the year we always take a moment to look back. tonight so many faces we've lost this year and the extraordinary gifts they've left behind. ♪ you can hear the girls declare he must be a millionaire ♪ >> do you think i'm just
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anybody, alley? do you? >> no, you can't have your old job back as maid here. i don't trust you anymore. good night, mother. >> it was like doing theatre. >> oh, archie, you're home. >> that laughter just feeds you as an actor. ♪ those were the days ♪ that's the game for me and you now, let's give it a whirl ♪ ♪ he's in the army now, blowing revelry ♪ >> the purpose of life is to amount to something and to have it make some difference that you lived at all. >> super bowl xvi. >> i'm pat summerall with john madden. touchdown!
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♪ went to the apollo, should have seen him go, go, go ♪ ♪ hey sugar, take a walk on the wild side ♪ ♪ he stopped loving her today ♪ freedom, freedom, freedom >> and now the seniors of mckinley high are going to sing for you. ♪ will we ever say the words with feeling ♪ >> let's see what this thing can do. >> i run my crew my way. >> are you in the mafia? >> am i in the what?
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>> you lay a hand on him and you're going to answer to me. >> there is a fight between good and evil and i'm just one of the people who happens to believe that good is ultimately stronger. >> i'm roger ebert of the chicago sun times. film critics are important because films are important. what about the movies, the dialogue, the characters? >> the president can decide that it's in the best interest of the nation or something and do something illegal? >> when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal. >> helen. >> helen. >> helen. this is my inaugural moment here. >> we are the watch dogs. we're there and it's very important that we be there. >> if it's one against 48 i'm very sorry for the 48. they were right. britain needs an iron lady.
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>> i have cherished the idea of a democratic and free society. it is an ideal for which i am prepared to die. >> don't call me. i'll call you. >> don't call me, i'll call you. nelson mandela making us laugh only after helping to change the world. still much more ahead on "world news." nasa astronauts in their own words tonight, just why are they so upset with beyonce. here from them coming up here. and this reporter in the middle of the interview falling down but with a lesson for all of us on this new year's about perseverance. you've got to see how she keeps going. perseverance. you've got to see how she keeps going.
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the new year arriving in dubai with the largest fireworks display in history, 400,000 explosions from 400 different locations across that city. we reported last night on the brewing backlash from beyonce after she used a piece of audio from the challenger disaster in a new song. tonight the astronauts in their own words. abc's clayton sandell now. >> reporter: they are words etched into history. >> flight controllers looking at the situation. obviously a major malfunction. >> reporter: but now that six-second recording at the beginning of beyonce's latest single is a major p.r. malfunction. they are the same words spoken by mission control when seven crew members on board space shuttle challenger died on a cold morning in 1986. >> it is the worst disaster in the history of the american space program. >> reporter: families of the
5:49 pm
challenger crew and many in the nasa community upset at what they say are hallowed words used in a pop song. today, retired astronaut tom jones tweeting, "beyonce please remove #challenger clip from xo. crew's memory and families deserve respect, not trivialization." >> to me it just seemed to be totally irrelevant and then the use of it insensitive. >> reporter: beyonce says her songwriters included the recording as a tribute to the challenger crew. she said she had the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones and to remind us that unexpected things happen, so love and appreciate every minute that you have with those who mean the most to you." tonight, one shining star working to fix her relationship with the explorers who reach for the stars. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. when we come back, anything can happen on live tv but tonight the new year's lesson from the woman who fell but kept going.
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campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® our "instant index" on this new year's eve, a surprise cameo in the new "hobbit" movie. amid all the dwafls and elves stephen colbert playing a spy, the director saying he is the biggest "hobbit" geek he's ever met. a lesson for all of us about persevering. salt lake city reporter brook graham doing a live report about cross-country skiing when suddenly she falls flat on her back. she's okay. she keeps going with the interview, finishing from the ground. the times square ball has a twitter account. this morning a tweet asking can someone throw a latte up here. later complaining about
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rehearsals, seriously, i got this and is it midnight yet. we'll go back to times square and a view from behind the scenes at "world news" that i can promise you you have never seen. we'll be right back. [ haslet-davis ] i absolutely will dance again and run the marathon next year. ♪ be bold. be courageous. ♪ say what you wanna say ♪ and let the words fall out ♪ honestly, i wanna see you be brave ♪ ♪ say what you wanna say [ man ] antoinette tuff worked to convince the gunman to point down his weapon. [ tuff ] it's gonna be alright sweetheart. i just want you to know that i love you though okay? we all go through something in life. ♪ just wanna see you ♪ just wanna see you ♪ i wanna see you be brave
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you'll feel great. i'm trying this too. maybe this. nope. not trying that. [ female announcer ] ditch the diet. go on a try-it with lean cuisine. you're looking at times square tonight, about a million people pouring into the heart of new york city, that countdown just a few hours away. dick clark's rocking new year's with ryan seacrest just a short time from now. right here on abc. as we say good night, diane and i wanted to thank all of you at home for watching "world news" this year and of course we couldn't do it without the giant team behind the scenes here. so tonight we salute all of them and all of you at home. happy new year and we'll see you next year. good night.
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we are just hours away from a new year and a major party right here on the embarcadero. >> in new york nearly a million people are waiting for the ball to drop tlachlt cross the world, celebrations have already begun, good evening, everyone i'm carolyn johnson. >> happy new year. abc7 us? live tonight in san francisco with a look at how bay area is gearing up for the new year, tonight. wayne? >> good evening. happy new year to you. what a night we're going to have. looking over my shoulder this will be the first new year's eve fire works display with that in the background a new, lit up western span of
6:00 pm
the bay bridge. police expect thousands of people here, but celebrating in san francisco began early. bring out the old, bring in the new. >> i'm trying to do things old fashioned way. trying to earn them. >> my resolution is to revitalize. >> welcome to union square. for many of us, 2013 received an early sendoff. they pulled out bar stools by noon. >> why can't people sit? >> when people are buying drinks on new year's they've got to have room to come here. >> ring, ring what. are you going do tonight? >> try to see fire works. >> if he makes it to the embarcadero, he'll have gone to the right place. last year, this is how it looked and sheer this year's. thousands of

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